{kitchen design notes}

here are a few quick inspiration boards with random ideas i have for the kitchen. i need to get my hands on some floor plans, i don't have the measurements so i cannot even begin to get an accurate picture until i have numbers. i'm very numbers oriented, it frustrates me to not have the floor plans in my hot little hands right now.

{design ideas}

  • wallpaper: either only do the left wall or do the whole kitchen. I'm thinking the whole kitchen. i've long loved cole & son's cow parsley in yellow. it's happy and graphic but also yellow feels fresh and energetic, a feeling that is perfect for a kitchen space. maybe this wallpaper or something like it. hmmm.
  • appliances: i would like to go with white appliances. since most appliances in german apartments are about 1/2 the size of u.s. ones, i should be able to fit everything i need along the right wall. fingers crossed.
  • cabinetry: right side - mostly appliances and a built in unit with a countertop. the upper cabinetry should be white as well, i'm thinking of white with glass so that the room feels wider but also because i love how it looks. hmmm. left side: another built in unit with a counter top so i have plenty of prep surface for baking, and over it three white shelves (open) where I can place colorful cookbooks, stack dish towels, etc. OR i may opt for an antique cupboard and paint it white, adding ceramic knobs and wallpaper to the interior.
  • flooring: this is new tile, so it will stay as is. a few throw rugs to warm it up of course.
  • windows: i do not want drapes or much at all on this window, but the thought of something crisp and tailored interests me. perhaps a cotton canvas roman shade in pure white with a yellow grosgrain trim on 3 sides. or maybe i can find a tiny printed fabric. i want to install the shade close to the ceiling to add height.
  • furniture: i'd like to add a small metal table with a few chairs to this room to fit in front of the window.
  • lighting: a pendant light in the middle of the room should provide enough lighting, though i'd like to add a metal clip lamp (something vintage, chrome perhaps, or black) to a shelf on the left wall to illuminate the prep surface as well. the pendant should be white but add some texture to the room so i'm thinking of a norm pendant or something along the lines of those artichoke lights.
  • storage: the cabinetry i plan to put along the left wall (lower) will be where i store pots, pans, cleaning supplies, etc. this is a vacation home so i don't imagine needing as much.
but perhaps i'm playing it too safe. i love turquoise. maybe since this kitchen does get so much light i should darken it a bit. or a lot. i love this image.... but black walls in my kitchen... i don't know. i really don't know. i love white. but i feel like white and my color palette of yellow, turquoise, pink, lime, etc. is a bit overplayed right now. it's everywhere. i don't want my home to look like everyone else, i want it to look like me. but unfortunately my style is also one that i'm seeing everywhere right now as the 'hot new look'. i'm not big on deep dark walls. but i adore jewel tones and pastels. gosh what a conflict. there's this very edgy girl living in me - very modern, and then there's this romantic bohemian side that loves white and bright colors and lots and lots of handmade and vintage finds.


Anonymous said…
black: yes! chalkboard again. it is black but more soft like a slate tone. And then add a chandelier. So you have the sun shining all the time with the yellow and the light!
Anonymous said…
i'm right there with you on the color- but this is your 2nd home- take a chance with the black- but I'd go with real black, not the chalkboard. I find chalkboard doesn't wear that well, and never looks clean and uniform.
la la Lovely said…
I'm a fan of all white but I am loving that torquoise door! It's fabulous!
la la lovely
Juliette said…
I love your ideas, I think it would be so fun to totally saturate this space with one bold statement on the walls! Our kitchen is about the same size and all white, and I had to hang some fun curtains over the messy part of our open shelving to bring in a punch.

one word of advice: our kitchen looks about the same size and our german stovetop doesn't have an external exhaust fan. We hardly ever fry anything, but we have a ton of grease build-up that I'm always scrubbing against on our cupboards. Open shelving items also frequently need to hit the dishwasher, and curtains washed. It's my big pet peeve about our kitchen! I hope you'll get to have an external exhaust!
Eva said…
We have just bought a new kitchen - and it`s in jet black (in German it`s called "hochpoliert"):) The flooring in kitchen area is in mat black (do you know Lavagna Nera?).
So exited!
The sales men almost dropped off the chair, hearing that we look for a black kitchen. He stated that 90 % of their sold kitchen`s are white. Which made an excellent point for me not to have white :))

I`m sure you will find the right color for your kitchen too.Whatever it will be, it will be gorgeous, I`m sure!
Anonymous said…
Since you like the turqoise, pink, lime, yellow palette have you considered chocolate brown for the walls instead of black? You can keep the same feel of the picture you like but a "softer" dark color.
kelly said…
I am so excited for you, just reading these posts -- especially this one.

I, too, love many different colors and styles and can relate when you talk about having a hard time deciding. You sound like the voice in my head that says, "Oh, but I could do this! Or this! Or THAT!"

I agree with the second poster, above, who said this is your second home, so why not take chances? I like the black wall!
Barbara said…
I can relate, I painted my master bathroom 3 years ago a creamy aqua color that I'm now seeing EVERYWHERE! I always figure it's just paint, if you don't like it you can paint over it. Go with what you love right now, you have to live with it 6 months out of the year. Eventually, everyone else that has chosen the same colors to follow the trend will move on.

I love so many styles, and I've often told my hubby I need 4 homes to decorate an urban loft, a scandinavian farmhouse, a traditional french tidewater style house and a beachside cottage. Instead I have none of the above and just make it all work. Love that door!
Mittendorfer said…
I love the ideas Holly. Our new kitchen is very similar in layout with a big Victorian sash window at the end and room for the main cabinetry along the right - however, it is only 2m wide (and 4m long), but we do have a near 5m high ceiling to compensate ;)

I choose the same cole and son wallpaper for our left hand wall as you did. I adore yellow. But as our plans have evolved we are now going for a black, grey and silver kitchen with some hot coloured accents. I plan to keep the cole and son cow parsley paper but in the dark grey-ish or black and white colour way - exicitng!

I'd love to get a kitchen from 'Plain English' which wil really suit the age of the house, but I think we'll get a carpenter to make us one similar as they are prohibitively expensive.

Leigh said…
Love the new blog!!

The many choices that can inspire, I have been on this white kick as of late and using pops of color in the accessories, I had painted my kitchen really dark last year and actaully tired quickly wanting to change it, but the difference here is I think you get so much more light beaming through. Like many said before I think since it is a vacation home you should give it a try.
I actually remember being drawn to this image from a few years ago? Which promted me to paint my daughters closet doors with chaulkboard paint.
Another thing is yes yes on the open shelving:)
Asli said…
Holly, I have to send you pics of my new kitchen, black paint on two sides of the door, white cabinets, open shelving, a wooden peninsula in between carrara marble countertops... (I just moved back to Turkey from NY, and this is my first real home). I'm loving your new blog BTW
Genevieve said…
"there's this very edgy girl living in me - very modern, and then there's this romantic bohemian side that loves white and bright colors and lots and lots of handmade and vintage finds."

This describes me perfectly too! Love your kitchen ideas, can't wait to see how it looks!

Anonymous said…
black walls? gosh your brave but i suppose you wont see any mess on them! i am of course a mom who currently has several shades of felt pens on my walls, I've just signed the contract for a hand made kitchen so am on the look out for some unique or contemporary design features i cant believe how creative and fun your kiychen will be. I will probably have to opt for more function over fashion but i hope you get the kitchen of your dreams.
Susan said…
Any details on the couch pictured with the wallpaper - I'm pretty sure I NEED it for the new house!

Blessings and Hugs,

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